Built Green

Intro to Built Green:
Built Green™ promotes construction of buildings that are healthier for the occupants and healthier for the environment. Sustainable or “green” building practices can reduce the tremendous impact that building has on both people and nature.
  • Better energy efficiency means comfort and long term savings for the homeowner.
  • Healthier indoor air means comfort, better health and peace of mind for the family.
  • Durable, reduced-maintenance materials mean a longer life for the home and long term savings.
  • Preserving natural resources means leaving more for future generations to enjoy.
Informing and educating the home-buying public on the value of a home that meets Built Green™ standards are one of the primary undertakings of the program. An informed buyer will recognize the value of greater energy efficiency, healthier indoor air, reduced water usage, and improved comfort.
Sustainable building practices go beyond energy and water conservation, resource efficient building materials and superior indoor environmental quality.
Some of the key benefits are:
  • Lower electric and water utility costs
  • Environmentally effective use of building materials
  • Enhanced health and productivity
  • Long-term economic returns
  • Reduced environmental impact

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